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Here's some linear notes; various info from elsewhere... mostly all made up. Aaron designed the cover art.


01 Button Up Your Overcoat / Rose Murphy

Rose has a memorable "brruup" you'll know from "Busy Line," a single from 1948 which had huge commercial success. "Button Up Your Overcoat" is from a similar time. There's just something adorable about Rose's squeaky voice and silly sounds. They call her the Chee-Chee Girl.


02 Gotta Be A Love (w/ Quantic feat. Sharon Jones) / Greyboy

This is from "Soul Mosaic," the latest Greyboy album. It pairs soulful vocals with organic instruments on a funky beat. It's like "Freestylin," recorded some 10 years ago, with a rich layer of song making.


03 La Breeze / Simian

We all know it's destined for a car commercial, but you'll like "La Breeze" all the same.


04 Look, Wow / Hi Lo Trons

This group is made up of a handful of musicians from few other bands you should look into. They're kinda cuddly, like many Canadians.


05 The Beach Party / Hot Chip

Remember when you and I were at that beach and we got romantic, pool-side? And when we woke up, we were sandy from sleeping in the dunes. Ah man, those were the nights I tell you.


06 The Party's Crashing Us / Of Montreal

"We made love like a pair of black wizards." If for know other reason, I included this track because of that line.


07 Donuts / J Dilla

Now let us turn to some repetitive beat making with samples sprinkled all about. Warm you up for...


08 Itch U Cant Skratch / Junior Senior

Junior Senior make fun sing-along melodies fun to sing along to. That is until you hear yourself sing "Big foot, Dance around," and then you'll realize Junior Senior is most at home on a saturday morning cartoon.


09 Song For Sunshine / Belle & Sebastian

Who says Belle & Sebastian isn't progressing? Generally their previous sixties inspired folk-pop was tough to gulp, but here they're completely seventies, which makes me wonder about the contents of this new album that I have yet to hear.


10 Genevieve (Quantic Remix) / Greyboy

Quantic and Greyboy must be good buddies by now. The vocals I think are from a Stevie Wonder song?


11 Getting Nasty / Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm

I had a little ah-ha moment when I heard this recently after knowing the Jurassic 5 song for so many years which samples it.


12 Servo / The Brian Jonestown Massacre

So you decided to go to the concert to heckle the lead singer after seeing "Dig," and he kicked your ass. ha.


13 The Beast And Dragon, Adored / Spoon

The title makes me think of playing D&D in forth grade at a winter break camp. I also remember the whole hall more interested in poker at my bunk after hours. So much so, when the counselor finally caught us, he furiously snagged the deck and buried it behind the lodge below the snow. I had to buy my father a replacement deck when I returned; I felt quite bad because he had proclaimed I would undoubtedly lose the cards on the trip.


14 Going To Where The Tea Trees Are / Peter Von Poehl

This is an exhale sort of song to me. Picture a place desolate and cold outside. You're in a warm chair by the fireplace and everything dances in a cozy orange.


15 Noah's Ark / CocoRosie

Sierra Rose and Bianca Leilani make soothing holy music that makes me feel like Sunday School.


16 Through Time / Roisin Murphy

This is a great track. AKA Moloko.


17 Lady T / Crazy Penis

Crazy Penis? It's funny just written here. This group made some tracks for Paper Recordings.